H&RH Escargots

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* Please note: Orders placed on or after 29 January will not be sent out until 9 February.

This is the place to buy live edible snails Helix aspersa maxima (gros gris) if you want to cook snails, rear your own snails for the table, keep snails as pets or buy a present for a snail fan.

This is one of the very few snail farms in England where you can buy fresh live Helix aspersa maxima ready prepared for cooking. If you are an enthusiastic cook you can prepare your own delicious snails for your guests in any way you choose. Please ask if you would like a copy of our cooking instructions. Our book 'Molluscs and Me' has lots of recipes sandwiched between the chapters.

If you want to rear your own snails at home then why not sign up for a course. We can supply you with breeders, information and snail food to grow your own.

Our mini snail farms make the perfect educational gift, providing an ideal way for children to learn about looking after living things. Everyone is growing their own food so why not give a snail smallholder starter pack or a Grow Your Own Escargots pack as the perfect gift?

We also have beautiful empty shells available for sale to collectors and artists on the understanding that they are not sterile and not suitable for food use. Please email with your requirements.