Helix aspersa muller by 2 dozen

Helix aspersa muller by 2 dozen

Helix aspersa muller (petit gris), live edible snails, prepared ready to cook. Live snails are usually sold in dozens and there is a minimum order so 1 signifies 2 dozen. But you can also buy them by the kilo which usually works out cheaper.

I don't grow petit gris so I have bought some for you but these snails are farmed out of doors in the way that I rear them.

Cooking instructions available if required.

The postage quoted is for delivery in UK.

For overseas orders to Ireland and the rest of Europe please make contact by email. For import to the USA, customers need a permit from the USDA before ordering and the USDA is not currently allowing any live snails to be imported. There are similar prohibitions on import of live snails to many other countries outside Europe.