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Gaming is not a hobby anymore. It has evolved into more of a passionate pastime with more and more people playing games as a leisure activity. Not too long ago you had to seek out arcades, or a gaming console, or become friends with someone who had one, to indulge in your favourite games. Now all you need is a mobile phone. Also it has become a big scene for crowds to watch gamers combat each other. With big prize pools it has also become a sport that people can bet on. Like casinos with fast payouts, players can now become pro players and cashout huge amounts of sum in these big tournaments, like Dreamhack and Blizzcon.

Evolution Snail

%d0%be%d1%82With gaming technology breaking out of established parameters, Snail Games is leading the pack of new, independent design studios that are paving the way for the future. Founded in the new millennium, Snail has been chipping away at the old guard while establishing itself as an emerging player. Their journey has seen them start from the cut-throat and intense business environment of China to the more mature and broader market in the west: Los Angeles. Along the way, they have developed more than 50 digital products that have reached close to 85 million users in over 100 countries.

This is a company that has witnessed the boom and bust of the Internet age, the rise and fall of the global economy, and the meteoric emergence of the mobile platform. Snail Games now stands at the cusp of a new era in digital and gaming technology.

Premium Products

%d0%be%d1%823With their origins grounded in video games, the developers at Snail used their roots to fashion engaging and interactive products for a millennial audience. They channelled their intuitive knowledge of software and hardware components towards creating entertaining products that the audience could not get enough of.

They focused on a stellar visual design, creating rich colour templates that were gorgeous to look at. The other aspect they concentrated their energies on was making their games simple. The developers realised that with more and more games finding their way to the small and compact mobile screens, the audience would be more interested in the flow of the game, rather than the excesses. As a result, they developed and published titles that are fast becoming fan favourites. Games such as Taichi Panda Heroes, Age of Wushu, and Ministry of War, to name a few.

The one thing that is assured with a Snail game is maximum player engagement. Choose any of their titles and you will discover an interesting, compelling gameplay that is easy to engage. The games are based on simple storylines that do not distract you from the action itself.

Future Forward

%d0%be%d1%822The legacy of Snail Games so far has been one of futuristic vision. They have remained at least half a step ahead of the competition by introducing tomorrow’s technology today. A trend that is set to continue with two new hardware products that may very well provide a glimpse of the future.

The first product is the W3D, an Android smartphone developed exclusively for gaming. What makes this console exciting is that it features eye tracking and glass-free 3D technology. The second product is an Android gaming console called the OBox.

Snail Games are trailblazing a path with their impressive software and hardware technology.